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Aluminum, zinc & copper exterior roof panels, wall panels, trims, gutters & crown molding.

Aluminum & Copper Crown Molding

Many property owners are choosing metal crown molding products to complete their building projects. We have the ability to both create and recreate a wide variety of custom profiles in a multitude of colors and materials that allow you to restore your property to its original beauty or add character to a new building project.

Custom Metal Forming

At Helix Metalforming, we have the ability to create a variety of sheetmetal formed products. From specialty metals like copper, aluminum, and stainless steel, in an array of finishes ranging from mill finish aluminum to zinc, each order is custom formed according to our customer’s exact specifications. 

Onsite Roll Forming

We have the capability of producing metal roofing products in custom lengths for contractor installers throughout the East Coast. We have over 20 colors in stock, and have the ability to form panels, coping and gutters in specialty metals including copper and zinc.

Custom Metalforming for over 50 years

We’ve been recreating the character and charm of centuries old designs for over 50 years. Our projects range from contemporary metal roofing systems and wall panels to historically accurate exterior metal crown moldings and trims. Want to check out our work?